Art Classes

Art Classes with Sabrina 


The purpose of Sabrina's Art Classes is to restore and celebrate creativity as a crucial element of education while fostering talent, igniting potential, and inspiring creative possibilities. We believe that art is an integral part of both early education and adulthood and as part of the general learning process, art balances the curriculum to develop the whole intellect. At Sabrina’s, we foster a lifetime love of learning and our artist faculty uses a variety of teaching techniques to reach each child and adult in the way that he or she learns best. It is our goal to assist the youth and adults with finding their artistic voice, engaging in the community, learning to give back, and carving a successful future. We provide a knowledgeable and stable core staff, a reliable team that is committed to fostering positive growth in the lives of creatives everywhere.


To inspire creativity by learning the key elements of art while studying the great artists and creatives of the past. To develop new skills and confidence by creating artwork based on our new understandings of art. To encourage student’s problem solving, aesthetic literacy and analytical thinking, vocabulary, knowledge and understanding of other cultures, and personal expression in their verbal and written comments, critiques, and artwork. To appreciate great artists, different art movements, multiple perspectives, new materials, and individual talents in themselves and others.

Art Enrichment Program:

Our art classes are designed to build the confidence and creative thinking capabilities of all art and design students as a foundation for academic success. Students explore key concepts in art fundamentals in an active-learning model, with the opportunity to display their accomplishments at an end-of-term exhibition. These classes are delivered on-site or at our gallery studios. Seating is limited.