Art Classes

Art Classes with Sabrina: Nurturing Creativity, Inspiring Futures

Purpose: Sabrina's Art Classes embody a mission to rekindle and celebrate creativity as an essential facet of education. Our aim is to cultivate talent, ignite untapped potential, and kindle the flames of creative possibilities. Recognizing the vital role of art in both early education and adulthood, we believe it balances the curriculum, fostering holistic intellectual development. At Sabrina’s, our dedicated artist faculty employs a diverse range of teaching techniques, tailoring the learning experience to each individual—be they a child or an adult. Our overarching goal is to guide the youth and adults in finding their artistic voice, engaging with the community, learning the joy of giving back, and carving a path toward a successful future. With a knowledgeable and steadfast core staff, we are committed to fostering positive growth in the lives of creatives everywhere.

Mission: Our mission is to kindle creativity by exploring the fundamental elements of art while delving into the rich tapestry of past artistic greats. Through hands-on creation, we aim to instill new skills and confidence, fostering problem-solving, aesthetic literacy, analytical thinking, vocabulary expansion, and a profound understanding of other cultures. We encourage students to express themselves not only through their artwork but also in their verbal and written comments and critiques. We aspire to foster an appreciation for great artists, diverse art movements, multiple perspectives, innovative materials, and the individual talents residing within themselves and others.

Art Enrichment Program: Tailored to build the confidence and creative thinking capabilities of art and design students, our classes serve as a foundation for academic success. Students actively engage with key concepts in art fundamentals, with their achievements proudly displayed at an end-of-term exhibition. These transformative classes are conducted on-site or at our gallery studios, providing an intimate and enriching learning environment. Seating is limited, ensuring a personalized and focused experience for each participant.

Embark on a journey of artistic discovery with Sabrina's Art Classes—where creativity meets education, and inspiration paves the way for a brighter future.