Art Classes with Sabrina - Private Art Lessons

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Private Art Lessons are now available!! If you or your children are looking for more private individualized art lessons, this is now available. Please contact me to schedule an individual time slot and we can discuss your artistic goals and put together a plan to help you achieve them. We can review your portfolio and I can teach you different techniques to help you become a stronger artist, or we can start from the beginning and I can guide you through each concept.

As an Art Instructor, I help artists of all ages develop fundamental skills to equip them with a strong foundation for many years of artistic success. I meet art students where they are and help them get to where they want to go. Students will practice beginning art techniques using structured lessons that provide for creative freedom. I introduce students to the fundamentals of drawing, painting and color theory with a focus on teaching techniques and providing them with a strong foundation in the main elements of art including form, shape, line, color, value, space, texture, and perspective. 

This class is designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced artists. The price listed is per hour. Please contact me directly to confirm the number of hours a that you would like to register for and to discuss the length of your art lessons.